Why Exitcute?

Exitcute, Inc., was founded to improve efficiency and fidelity in the small business merger and acquisition marketplace. According to the SBA, less than 20% of small businesses listed for sale actually sell. We want to help change those statistics. Our advisors have been on both sides of the table during business transactions helping with pre-acquisition due diligence and we understand what can adversely affect a deal closing and successful transfer in ownership.  

As an intermediary service, we partner with qualifying businesses to better prepare and position the asset as a lucrative investment opportunity by helping owners preserve or build both intrinsic and extrinsic value in their company. 

We do this by vetting the company’s internal business operations, organization, financial management, marketing, sales, branding, and product design strategies to unveil value which can be fiducially presented in a business prospectus or optimized to increase profitability and attractiveness.

Exitcute’s goal is to be an unbiased, third party, who proactively helps present your business as a transferable asset and attractive investment opportunity, yielding a reduction in owner due diligence support, pricing negotiations, payment terms and conditions, post-acquisition owner obligations, and days on market.

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